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5925 Ravenswood Rd., D2, Dania, FL 33312

Finishing Touch-Up, Inc.

Touch-Ups on High End Furniture  *  Architectural Details

Finishing Touch-Up, Inc.
5925 Ravenswood Road D-2, Dania, FL 33312


Terms and Agreement for Touch-Up and Repairs

We offer furniture touch-ups and repairs for high end custom  furniture pieces,  wall panels, doors, etc.
Residential , Corporate & Hospitality.  Maintenance and  Hotel contracts available.
Specializing in high end finishes including ; Resins, Polyesters, Lacquers, Faux's, Metallic Finishes.
On site touch-ups with extreme care, professionalism and tidiness. If piece(s) need to be finished/repaired at our shop, then we will give an estimate at time of examination.
Refinishing quotes available upon request.
ESTIMATES: Please forward a photo of what your requests are to:   FINISHINGTOUCHUP@GMAIL.COM 

*By supplying photo, estimate is based on photo and not on site inspection and  subject to change
   due  to unforseen damage/circumstance, timing for repair, or any variation; based upon site inspection.

Broward County * $250 First Hour / $225 Per Hour After ( Minimum 2 hours)  9 am to 5 pm.  After 5 pm rates subject to change
Miami-Dade/Palm Beach County: *$275 First Hour/$225 Per Hour After (Minimum 2 hours) 9 am to 5 pm. After 5 pm rates subject to change
Outside Tri-County/Out of State:  Pricing to be determined /daily charge to be determined.
EMERGENCY TOUCH-UPS (Booked within 48 Hours) $300/hour - MIAMI-DADE/PB AND BROWARD
Projects/Touch-Ups may become delayed due to unforeseen work or not noticed at time of estimate; therefore price/charge subject to change (TBD).
Finishing Touch Up does not cooperate with "third-party" payments. By signing this "Agreement" as "Client" it is understood that "Client" is the responsible party for payment.

Payment due on day of completion. A Credit Card Authorization form is required to be filled out by "Client" Payment
by Visa/Master Card/Amex/ Debit/Cash accepted. 
Please sign below to secure appointment and that you have agreed to the terms of this agreement. 
We do not accept checks
Print, fill information and sign below.  
NOTE: Send Credit Card Authorization FORM and  AGREEMENT to :

Agreement and CC Authorization must signed and returned to  Finishing Touch UP, Inc., in order to secure appointment.
Our manager will contact you with a date and time for an appointment   within 48 hours.   We accept Debit, Visa , Amex 

_____________________________________________                   _______________________________________
Signature  - Agreed to terms                             Date                             Print Name 

__________________________________________                        _______________________________________
Address of service to be performed                                                     Telephone Number:

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By signing this agreement client is agreeing                                                                                                                            to  terms set forth and understand and agree that  payment is due day of services completed.

Upon signing the "Agreement" and appointment, you are asked to provide credit card information, which will be billed upon the day of services rendered. By providing credit card details you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the "Agreement" 


I, _____________________________________________, hereby authorize Finishing Touch Up, Inc. to charge my credit card/debit card for the services rendered on Date of Service. I understand that the amount to be charged  (TBD)  will appear on my statement as "Finishing Touch Up, Inc."

Cardholder Information:

Full Name:_____________________________________________________________________________

Billing Address:_____________________________________ City:_________________________________ 



Card Details:
Circle Card Type:  [Visa/Mastercard          / American Express        /Discover]

Card Number: ___________________________________________________________________

Expiration Date: ______________________________CVV/CVC:________________

[_______ ] Check this box if you authorize Finishing Touch Up, Inc. to keep your credit card information on file for future services.

I acknowledge that Finishing Touch Up, Inc. is not responsible for any overdraft fees, charges, or penalties that may be incurred as a result of this transaction. I confirm that I am the authorized cardholder and have full rights to authorize charges on the provided credit card/debit card.

By signing below, I agree to the terms and conditions of this authorization and permit Finishing Touch Up, Inc. to charge my credit card/debit card for the specified amount.

Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: __________________________

Please note that if you have checked the box to authorize Finishing Touch Up, Inc. to keep your credit card information on file, it will be securely stored for future services. You will be notified in advance of any charges made using the stored card information.