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Finishing Touch-Up, Inc.

Design * Finishes * Architectural Details


Finishing Touch-Up

Terms and Agreement for Touch Up and Repairs

We offer furniture touch-ups and repairs for high end custom furniture pieces,

wall panels, doors, etc.

Residential , Corporate & Hospitality.

Maintenance and  Hotel contracts available.

Specializing in high end finishes including ; Resins, Polyesters, Lacquers, Fauxs,

Metallic Finishes.

On site touch-ups with extreme care, professionalism an tidiness.

If we determine piece(s) need to be finished/repaired at our shop,

then we will give an estimate at that time.

ESTIMATES: Please forward a photo of what your requests are to:



        Broward County * $150 First Hour / $100 Per Hour After 

        9 am to 5 pm.  After 5 pm rates could change. 


        Miami-Dade/Palm Beach County: *$200 First Hour/$100 Per Hour After

        9 am to 5 pm. After 5 pm rates could change.

        Outside TriCounty/Out of State:  Pricing to be determined / 

        daily charge to be determined.

                *First Hour Minimum charge on any service less than an hour.

Projects/Touch-Ups may become delayed due to unseen work or not noticed at time 

of estimate, therefore could be a change in price/charge.

Payment  of services due on day of completion. Payment by Visa/Master Card/ Checks/ Cash accepted. 

Please sign below to secure appointment and that you have agreed to the 

terms of this agreement. Print out / Copy and 
Email to : Finishingtouchup@gmail.com

Our manager will contact you with a date for an appointment 

within 72 hours.


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